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Promotional Products and Corporate Gifts

Solutions for every promotional and gifting opportunity.

We provide dozens of promotional products every month to our customers in Montreal and beyond. If you’re creating a unique printed piece, we’ll engineer it for success. If you need a more standard imprinted promo item, keep it simple and ensure consistency by ordering your promo items from us, with your other printed materials.


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Extra Support and Solutions

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Creative Engineering

If you have an idea for a creative giveaway like the one pictured above, it’s easier than you think to bring it to life. Our team will work with you to design your piece so it can be produced cost-effectively and assembles easily.

Complete Solutions for Events & Shows

With a full-service large format printing operation under the same roof, we make it easier for you to get every printed item – large and small – from a single, expert partner. This saves you time, reduces risk, and ensures consistency across your materials.

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