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There’s no school where you can learn this’

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Meet the Trico team: Claire Petite, manager of business transformation and quality control

Claire Petite has seen one of the most effective forms of marketing come full circle.

Direct mail used to be one of the only direct marketing channels that enabled associations, companies and other organizations to deliver their message straight to a specific audience.

For a period, direct mail fell out of favour as digital marketing options multiplied. However, she says she’s seen a shift in attitudes as marketers see the relative effectiveness of direct mail campaigns.

“It’s a complementary channel,” she says.

Petite has a rich and nuanced understanding of the industry that’s virtually unparalleled in Ottawa.
After spending some 15 years at Metroland Media’s Performance Printing division – first as a lettershop manager and later as a direct mail manager – Petite joined Trico Evolution in 2018.

A Canada Post Smartmail Marketing Specialist, Petite has developed an expertise throughout her career in the technical aspects needed to run effective direct mail campaigns.

“There’s no school where you can learn this stuff,” she says.

Petite has seen how minor missteps made by less experienced marketers can easily double postage costs to double or Canada Post to outright refuse a campaign.

Trico finds efficiencies and opportunities in campaigns – as well as help associations and companies clean their databases – which allows marketers to focus on their message.

“We don’t just take their product and print it per their instructions,” Petite says. “It doesn’t take long for customers to notice the extra value Trico brings to the project.”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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